Clean energy in Lanta Island

Patakorn Kolaka




Sunlight beaming over an array of solar panels.

Lanta Island is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Krabi province but, in fact, its beautiful beaches are not the only charm of this island. The island is also known as a model for using solar panels in business in the south of Thailand. Due to some instability of electricity on the island, several entrepreneurs, including restaurants, convenience stores, and resorts, have started to install solar panels to power their businesses. Initiated by a computer engineer who installed the first solar panel system on the island for his own shop, the idea was later also adopted by Lanta Mart, the biggest convenience store on the island. Electric power costs were reduced, proving that the idea to adapt solar panel systems was right. Hotels and resorts gradually followed suit, installing solar panel systems, enhancing business operation. Lanta Island has now become the first island in Thailand to adopt solar cell systems in operating tourism businesses, therefore, promoting eco-friendly tourism.

Sandy shores at Lanta Island.

Source : Thansettakij


Patakorn Kolaka

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