CU-RoboCOVID, assistant robots to facilitate medical workers

Patakorn Kolaka




Chulalongkorn University Alumni Association under His Majesty the King’s Patronage and the Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University have jointly invented new assistant robots to facilitate medical workers. The robots are known as the “CU-RoboCOVID” series and will help reduce the risk of medical workers being in close contact with COVID-19 patients. The CU-RoboCOVID series has three prototypes: the Ninja robot, Pinto robot, and Krajok robot. The Ninja robot is used for telecommunicating between bedridden patients and doctors, who are able to control vital signs equipment in the robot to diagnose the symptoms. The Pinto robot is shaped like a tray cart, and is used for food and medical supply delivery. The robot is equipped with a telepresence system, which allows patients to communicate with nurses or doctors from their rooms. The last one, the Krajok robot, comes with a tablet and is used for immediate communication, and also for calling a nurse when necessary.

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A close shot of a CU-RoboCOVID assistant robot.
Photo: Chulalongkorn University

Source : Matichon


Patakorn Kolaka

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