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The Techsauce Global Summit (TSGS) 2023, a fusion of ideas and innovation, casts a spotlight on the future-forward tech landscape of Thailand and stands as a symbol of Southeast Asia’s vibrant and evolving tech ecosystem. Into its seventh edition, this isn’t just an annual event; it’s a showcase of a region’s ambition, innovation, and commitment to shaping a tech-infused future.

Beyond the glitz and glamour of AI, Blockchain, and other cutting-edge technologies lies the summit’s heart: technology intersecting with societal responsibility. Anchored in themes of “Social Impact, Climate Technology, and Cutting Edge Technology,” the summit presents a compelling vision: a world where technology isn’t just about new gadgets or faster services, but a transformative force driving societal change, sustainability, and pioneering breakthroughs. 

With a lineup of 300 luminaries and a vast array of exhibitions, Southeast Asia’s biggest technology conference offers more than insights; it offers a roadmap to Asia’s digital destiny. Echoing Techsauce CEO and Co-founder Oranuch Lerdsuwankij’s vision, TSGS underscores the ambition for Thailand to be the digital gateway of Southeast Asia.

The nexus of innovation and responsibility

Participants at the Techsauce Global Summit 2023

At the heart of TSGS’s vibrant environment is the harmonious blend of cutting-edge tech innovation and a sense of duty towards society. Several entities represent this melding of progress and responsibility, showcasing how, in Thailand, technology extends beyond mere novelty.

  • SPACE-F, an incubator for FoodTech’s next generation, exemplifies this philosophy. With a focus on addressing industry challenges both present and looming, SPACE-F fosters innovations spanning health, wellness, alternative proteins, and sustainable food solutions. Startups like Mycovation, with its pioneering fermentation technology, and ImpacFat, which offers a sustainable and nutritious alternative to fish fat, underscore the vast potential within this sector.
  • The Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology (VISTEC), an advanced research institute, is producing startups that are spearheading climate technology solutions and further solidifies the idea that Thailand is not just about tech for tech’s sake. From energy storage breakthroughs by VIS123D to advanced environmental sensing by Cleantech and Beyond, the dedication to a balanced tech ecosystem is evident.
  • The Siam Cement Group (SCG) paints a vision of the future with their “Mind” Smart Home Solutions — seamlessly blending daily life with technology. But their forward-thinking approach doesn’t stop at just homes. Beyond the spotlight on their “Mind” suite and the innovative MR X excavator cockpit, SCG presented a diverse range of prototypes. These span from streamlining the electric vehicle charging experience to brain-computer interface tools designed to aid communication for patients. These endeavors showcase a future where technology not only enhances our daily routines but also addresses broader societal challenges.
  • The National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), affiliated with the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation, remains a significant catalyst in driving national innovation. With their research emphasis and international collaborations, they amplify the nation’s technological prowess.
  • CPF-AXONS (🇹🇭) and Muang Thai Life Assurance (🇹🇭) further exemplify the breadth of sectors where tech is making a difference, from agriculture to health. These entities signify not just Thailand’s progress but also a commitment to ensuring that growth is meaningful, sustainable, and collaborative.

While these entities are leading lights, they are but a glimpse of Thailand’s tech panorama. The event featured a medley of other groundbreaking booths, each pushing boundaries in all areas. These varied showcases not only exemplify Thailand’s forward momentum but also highlight a seamless blend of private innovation and public vision. It’s this harmonious partnership that’s propelling Thailand towards its ambition: becoming Southeast Asia’s digital gateway and a hub where technology meets societal responsibility.

A visionary’s outlook

Oranuch Lerdsuwankij CEO and Co-founder of Techsauce

Throughout the summit, Oranuch’s messages were deeply resonant, painting a vivid picture of Thailand’s potential in the tech arena. She consistently underlined that technology’s real essence is its impact on people and communities, rather than just the advancements in gadgets or software.

Highlighting Techsauce’s prowess, Oranuch spoke of their established history in successfully bridging venture capitalists with emerging startups. In testament to this, she unveiled Venture Bridge this year. Termed as a “Corporate Visionary Change”, Venture Bridge aims to provide organizations with unparalleled access to budding technology companies worldwide. This move is more than an initiative; it’s Techsauce reaffirming its commitment as a tech ecosystem architect, geared to empower Thai organizations in both the inception and management of investments in startups globally. The primary vision? Generating both financial and strategic returns for an array of partners.

The Techsauce CEO and Co-founder’s vision for Thailand is clear: she envisions the nation not merely as a hub of tech consumption but as a hotbed for creators, innovators, and visionaries. Emphasizing the marriage of technology with Thai culture, traditions, and societal values, Oranuch stressed the significance of Thailand’s role in leading the digital age. This leadership, she believes, transforms the nation into a bridge, connecting tech with society, present with future, and importantly, Southeast Asia with the global stage.

Central to Oranuch’s discussions was the concept of an inbound and outbound strategy, which positions Thailand as a tech hub that’s both desirable and strategically placed. She highlighted Thailand’s strategic location, its embracing policies for technological innovation, and its potential to aid global brands in their expansion. This positioning doesn’t only benefit Thailand but offers a beacon for international entities seeking a welcoming, progressive base in Southeast Asia.

Thailand’s destiny as a digital gateway

The Techsauce Global Summit 2023

If TSGS 2023 were to be encapsulated in a message, it would be this: Thailand is poised on the cusp of a digital renaissance. The nation’s trajectory, as seen through the lens of this summit, is not just about adopting new technologies but about innovating, leading, and setting global benchmarks.

The myriad of booths, discussions, and collaborations showcased at the summit are testament to Thailand’s ambitions. Yet, beyond the event, it’s the ripple effect that matters. Every startup nurtured, every innovation commercialized, and every collaboration forged sets the foundation for Thailand’s role as a technological linchpin in the region.

As the digital world continues its rapid evolution, the role of gatherings like Techsauce becomes ever more pivotal. They serve not just as a showcase but as a nexus, a meeting point of minds and visions. And as these visions converge, they shape a nation’s path, guiding Thailand towards its digital destiny as the heart of innovation in Southeast Asia.


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