Thailand’s futuristic shopping malls have adopted new IT solutions

Patakorn Kolaka




During the second phase of easing restrictions to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infections in Thailand, shopping malls have reopened with specific precautionary disease control measures in place. Customers are required to check-in and out multiple times, so that public health authorities may keep records of their whereabouts, which will be necessary for contact tracing if a new infection occurs. To accommodate the public health measures more effectively in this new normal, Thailand’s futuristic shopping malls have adopted new IT solutions. New robots controlled over 5G networks, for example, have been introduced in major malls to help perform thermal scanning before entering establishments. The first model, True 5G Temi Thermal ScanBot, Robot for Care (ROC), and AIS K9, comes with a temperature checking function, also able to display alert signals on a screen if someone’s temperature is above 37.5 degree Celsius. The robots are also equipped with a hand sanitizer dispenser. The other model, True 5G PatrolBot, features face-detection technology, can remind people to have their face masks on at all times. Another creative solution is various versions of hands-free elevators. One model provides a sensor box, for customers to hover their finger over instead of pressing a button, to summon an elevator or choose the floor number. Another model has foot pedals installed inside the elevator, replacing the usual button controls by hand. There are also walk-through disinfection machines and handrail UV sterilizers for disinfecting escalator handrails.

True 5G Temi Thermal ScanBot patrolling a shopping mall.

Photo: (left) TrueID, (right) AIS

Source : Bangkok Post


Patakorn Kolaka

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