The accredited National Primate Research Centre of Thailand aims to inject COVID-19 vaccine on human trials

Patakorn Kolaka




A lab technician examines samples using a microscope.
Closeup of a macaque.

The National Primate Research Centre of Thailand as the first primate research centre in Thailand shows impressive strides in COVID-19 vaccine research and is going to begin the first dose of the human trials in October. 

After the second injection on monkeys in June, researchers found satisfying results of a neutralising antibody in every sample. Thus, the next step on a human trial is expected to begin this October.

This progress enables Thailand to be more self-reliant in pharmaceutical and vaccine production, supporting medical research for not only Thailand, but also some other ASEAN member countries.

The Centre established by Chulalongkorn University, located in Saraburi province, is the third primate research centre in Southeast Asia, following the previous ones in Indonesia and the Philippines. The Centre has two main buildings housing 406 long-tailed macaques. Other buildings are used for the Centre’s own research and studies on infectious and non-infectious diseases. The Centre’s researchers are currently working on a game-changing project on a mRNA vaccine for protection against COVID-19.

The NPRCT-CU was granted accreditation and recognition from the AAALAC International-Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International (the only internationally recognised institution to approve standards for animal testing in medical research) in February 2020. The accreditation certifies and confirms that the programme and operations conducted in the NPRCT-CU comply with the world-class standard. The National Primate Research Centre of Thailand aims to be a world-class centre for exchanging expertise and cooperation in this field in Asia.

Source : Bangkok Biz News


Patakorn Kolaka

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