Chiang Mai Design Week 2021

Chiang Mai
04 December 2021




Chiang Mai Design Week 2021

Chiang Mai Design Week 2021 (CMDW2021), its seventh exhibition, returns to promote design innovations and new projects by the city’s finest. The annual festival is set to be held from December 4th to 12th, 2021, continuing its legacy as a space for discussion among local and international designers.

Under the theme “Co-Forward,” the event focuses on networking and strengthening the bonds between artists and communities, as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and digital disruption. This year’s Chiang Mai Design Week spans five topics: social issues, education, art & design, BCG economy, and technology & innovation.

Program highlights

Coming back from the pandemic, the festival hopes to build momentum on last year’s exhibition, which saw a total of 105,411 visitors and over 493 million baht changing hands.

Showcasing over 60 local brands, the POP Market is where you can find the very best of Chiang Mai’s handmade products, home decor, accessories, and traditional cuisine. Not only that, visitors can also join several workshops to express their artistic ability, as well as listen to concerts by artists from Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and even Japan.


“Common + Senses” by is an interactive design showcase that invites you to explore four rooms for four senses: taste, smell, sound, and touch. Within the exhibition, participants will get to learn things you may not have known about your own body, be it sounds that provoke interest or a rhythm that touches one’s heart. The demonstration is meant to be further adapted to enhance product experience and spark new business opportunities.

Chang Moi Art Village

Chang Moi Art Village welcomes all visitors to check out artwork by artists nationwide, including the likes of Navin Rawanchaikul. The installations are scattered across the Chang Moi area, each presented in its own unique way,  awaiting to be discovered.

The Creative City initiative

In 2017, Chiang Mai was selected for membership in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network – Crafts and Folk Art. In line with the Creative City initiative, CMDW activities encompass the Rose of the North’s cultural and artisan roots.

The festival spans throughout the entire city, from the culturally rich Three Kings Monument and the modernized TCDC Chiang Mai to the districts of Lam Chang, Chang Moi, Wat Gate, and San Kamphaeng.

Through exhibitions, large-scale installations, art, and music, the festival hopes to engage creative professionals, local communities, tourists, and design enthusiasts. Visitors are encouraged to walk around the city, see its diverse, defining characteristics, and experience all the activities prepared by creators spanning multiple industries.