Pakk Taii Design Week 2023

Southern Thailand
12 August 2023




For the first time ever, Pakk Taii Design Week 2023 (PTDW2023) is being organized in three provinces of southern Thailand from August 12th–20th, 2023, with the majority of activities taking place in Songkhla province, as well as Trang and Pattani provinces. 

The theme for this year’s event is “The Next Spring” with the aim to encourage all Thai southerners, especially younger generations, to return home and explore new possibilities for Creative Businesses, Creative Places, and Creative Products in the South of Thailand. 

As it is in other countries, many rural townsfolk tend to flock to urban centers in search of job opportunities, so organizers want to help southerners reflect on their roots to identify their strengths, showcase them, and decide the future of the homes to be one that they want to return to.

Event highlights

An outdoor Singorama Film Festival at the Pakk Taii Design Week 2023

Visitors can look forward to the following activities: 

  • Live performances, music, and entertainment will be featured in both traditional and contemporary settings, creating a unique enjoyable experience while promoting good relations among local communities.
  • Arts and crafts exhibitions including lighting displays, creative technologies, and a range of multimedia presentations across the festival.
  • Talks and workshops by talented creatives and experts from both Thailand and overseas will share their knowledge and stimulate innovation.
  • Activities and events such as film screenings, fashion shows, open houses, and tours aim to create a range of experiences.
  • Markets and promotions such as the “Young [lifestyles] market,” DIY market, and local market will be set up to help business owners evaluate demand while supporting sales opportunities and local income generation. 
  • Experimental workshops will present potential concepts to solve problems and improve living standards. These concepts must have practical applications in the local community.

Pakk Taii concept

A showcase of products at the Pakk Taii Design Week 2023

The word Pakk Taii (ปักษ์ใต้) means the “South of Thailand,” and true to its name, PTDW2023 is a celebration of all things southern. Festival activities are presented through five main concepts including: 

  • Pakk Taii Roots: Presenting the roots of southern Thais and their multicultural history (Chinese, Peranakan, Malay Muslim, and Thai) through creative storytelling in the form of art installations, exhibitions, and mixed media.
    • Chinese Spring exhibition: A historical exhibition about different Chinese groups in the South, covering stories about immigration, adaptation, expertise, and cooperation in developing Songkhla province.  
    • Melayu Mantra exhibition: Art installations that represent the relationship between Muslim cultures in Songkhla and Pattani provinces.
    • Peranakan Pattern exhibition: An exhibition about Peranakan culture including colorful building facades and curved furniture that influence modern Peranakan designs.
    • Thai Craftaholic exhibition: An exhibition showing the craftsmanship of high-class artisans in the South. 
  • Pakk Taii Homecoming: Showcasing the outstanding creative potential of the South’s younger generations through activities and events that gather young talent from various industries.
    • Table Food Festival: An experimental space and platform for chefs and product designers to showcase their creations through their interpretation of the Songkhla province motto. 
    • Singorama Film Festival: An outdoor film festival by Songkhla Lake with special activities such as live movie voiceovers and movie poster painting sessions.
    • The Living Theatre: An artistic performance that tells the story of Songkhla Old Town. 
  • Pakk Taii Open House: Providing the space for younger generations to learn from experts and entrepreneurs in the South of Thailand, who are ready to share their experiences and keep pace with the modern era.
    • Meet the Master: An activity with masters from the South of Thailand to share experiences and stories. 
  • Pakk Taii Neighborship: Extending activities to other southern provinces, such as developing old buildings into creative spaces, organizing knowledge-sharing seminars, and embracing the uniqueness of each area.
    • Revisiting Gimyong: An exhibition showing the Gimyong Market Development Plan by Haiyai Connext under the theme of “Make Gimyong Great Again!” 
    • Chata Creative Space: A new creative space from the abandoned buildings of Trang Chata Hospital. 
    • the-Trang: A design exhibition by 11 groups of creatives in Trang province. 
    • Creative Talk: A group discussion to exchange experiences and perspectives among Thai southerners to improve the communities. 
  • Pakk Taii Market: bringing creative works such as art installations exhibited alongside musical performances, this youth-oriented flea market is a must-visit location of the festival.
    • The Next Spring Space: The festival’s main market that combines more than 30 shops with handmade products.
    • New Generation Market: A platform and experimental space in the form of a market to showcase southern Thai food, local materials, and folk wisdom. 
    • Banbon Mosque Community Market: A new and revamped Halal food market at Banbon Mosque. 

For more information about the festival, visit the Pakk Taii Design Week official website, follow its Facebook Page and Instagram, or email

About Pakk Taii Design Week

The Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization) or CEA, under the supervision of the Prime Minister’s Office, is organizing its latest annual creative festival, Pakk Taii Design Week, in the southern region of Thailand. The aim of the festival is to act as a platform to foster regional potential, develop the creative ecosystem, and connect creators from different creative industries in the area.