Solar Land

TCDC Bangkok
12 October 2020




Solar Land

The Creative Economy Agency (CEA) has given the concept and science of solar energy a tangible form in Solar Land – its latest exhibition at the TCDC Resource Centre. 

Apart from giving visitors a hands-on experience of the complexities of solar energy through a larger-than-life, interactive solar monopoly game, the exhibition also features innovations from 30 solar energy pioneers from across the world, including Olafur Eliasson’s “Little Sun”. 

The expo is divided into four key sections, namely: 

  • Sun and Solar: Explaining the positive outcome of using solar energy. 
  • Solar Monopoly: A life-size monopoly game that visitors can play and learn about the history of solar-energy development.
  • Solartopia and Sunlight Graffiti: A room that teaches visitors about the importance of solar energy and how future cities will greatly depend on it.   
  • Solar Rooftop Garden: A room that gives viewers a proactive experience of real inventions like Window Charger Solar, the Thermosiphon System etc. 

Enter the enthralling world of the science of solar energy at TCDC from October 12 to December 27, Tuesdays to Sundays from 10.30am to 7pm. Entry is free. 

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