Thung Nui Hot Spring: Natural spa therapy in Satun province

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When one has body aches, one might choose massage therapy or a spa treatment to alleviate the pain and relax. However, there is another fun alternative which does not rely on spa therapists; namely, hot spring bathing. Satun province has a hot spring source that can naturally cure body aches and certain diseases which cause joint pain.

The locals of Ban Nam Ron, Thung Nui Subdistrict, have long been using the hot spring as a natural remedy against diseases. Nowadays, after Satun province renovated the hot spring, it has become a famous destination among many other popular destinations in the Southern border provinces.

Thung Nui Hot Spring, natural spa therapy in Satun province.
Two people dipping their feet into the hot spring.

The Satun Provincial Administrative Organisation has turned the hot spring into a new tourist attraction amidst an environment of nature, situated on a hillside at Ban Nam Ron, Mu 4, Thung Nui Subdistrict, Khuan Kalong District, Satun province. Surrounding the hot spring are orchards and rubber plantations, along with shops, restrooms, and bathrooms. At the centre of the hot spring is a large spring with pathways along the edge providing sections for tourists to immerse themselves in the pond without interfering with the origin of the hot spring. For those who do not wish to bathe, there are also tubs for a foot bath, and a pavilion for relaxation as well. Tourists from all walks of life can be seen at the hot spring; such as, the elderly, athletes, and children. Many enjoy bathing in the hot spring all day long, as they believe that it is beneficial for their health, as well as an efficient way to cure or relieve the symptoms of pain in the bones, muscles and joints, and beriberi. Furthermore, bathing in the hot spring enlarges the blood vessels, which facilitate blood circulation and, therefore, improves the body’s metabolic system.

Those who wish to visit the hot spring, be it for relaxation, bathing, or medical treatment, may travel to Satun by using Highway No. 406 or Yontrakarn Kamthorn Road. Once you arrive in the vicinity of Thung Nui Subdistrict, there will be a sign on the left-hand side leading to the Panan Waterfall and Thung Nui Hot Spring. The entrance fee is 100 Baht for adults and 60 Baht for children.

Source : Good Life along the Southern Border Staff


Apisara Lawariya

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