Chiang Mai Design Week 2023

Chiang Mai Design Week 2023 returns to promote the finest art and design from December 2nd to 10th under the theme of “Transforming Local.”
Chiang Mai, Thailand
02 December 2023




Chiang Mai Design Week 2023 (CMDW2023) is back in its ninth edition under the theme of “Transforming Local,” continuing its legacy as a space for local creative professionals to collaborate and share ideas.

Visitors can expect a vast array of exciting activities, such as exhibitions, design landmarks, seminars, workshops, art showcases, and music performances. CMDW2023 will take place from December 2nd to 10th, 2023 throughout Chiang Mai.

“Transforming Local”

Chiang Mai Design Week 2023 banner under the theme of "Transforming Local"

Under the theme, “Transforming Local: Adapt, Enhance, Local, and Grow,” the event focuses on creating a vibrant creative space where individuals can connect and exchange their inspirations and ideas, while also enriching local wisdom with newfound creative possibilities. 

Since Chiang Mai is an ideal destination for art, culture, and creative industries, the event is perfect for spotlighting Chiang Mai’s unique identity and elevating its recognition on the global stage.

The sprawling festival will take place in two main captivating settings of Chiang Mai Old City, Klang Wiang (from the culturally rich Three Kings Monument to Lam Chang), and Chang Moi to Tha Phae. CMDW2023 also encourages the city’s youth to engage with the event as a sort of homecoming, sharing their experiences and fresh ideas for transforming and revealing Chiang Mai’s rich local assets.

Event highlights

The festival hopes to build momentum on last year’s exhibition, which saw a total of 130,298 visitors and over 419.2 million baht changing hands. Over 200 activities will be held to give inspiration in terms of design, art, creativity, and diversity of cultures.

Treasure Discovered Art Festival

Treasure Discovered Art Festival at the Chiang Mai Design Week

The art festival, Treasure Discovered 2023, organized by the Mango Art Festival, is an event that brings together both emerging and renowned artists from across the northern region. The festival aims to showcase their artworks surrounded by verdant nature and valuable antiquities within the area of De Siam Antiques. Festival-goers can also expect art exhibitions, craft fairs, and workshops. Treasure Discovered 2023 will take place from December 2nd to 10th.

Upper Floor Project

The “Upper Floor Project” is an exhibition that presents creative ideas using available spaces in a building and unused upper floors. The project focuses on three main themes, which are sparking creativity, encouraging interactions, and sharing experiences across all levels of the Mantana Building. This project aims to showcase the investment potential and opportunities of these vacant spaces while supporting the growth of the creative district. The project will be held from December 2nd to 10th.

POP Market

POP Market at Chiang Mai Design Week

Showcasing over 100 local brands, the POP Market is where you can find the very best of Chiang Mai’s handmade products, home decor, accessories, and traditional cuisine. Visitors can also join several workshops to express their artistic ability, as well as listen to concerts by amazing artists. POP Market will be held at the Lanna Folklife Museum from December 2nd to 10th. 

Through exhibitions, large-scale installations, art, and music, the festival hopes to engage creative professionals, local communities, tourists, and design enthusiasts. Visitors are encouraged to explore the city, discover its diversity and character, and immerse themselves in all the activities prepared by creators from multiple industries.

Chiang Mai Busking

Chiang Mai Busking at Chiang Mai Design Week

Chiang Mai Busking was originally created by a group of Chiang Mai artists who believe that music in public spaces can be an important element in driving a lively ambiance and atmosphere.

This year’s event will be held in the Lam Chang creative area under the concept of “On the Original Street, Let’s Join” to invite music lovers to showcase their talents with artists from more than 30 bands. Chiang Mai Busking is scheduled to take place from December 7th to 10th.

Chiang Mai Street Jazz Festival

Chiang Mai Street Jazz Festival at Chiang Mai Design Week

Chiang Mai Street Jazz Festival 2023 will take place from December 1st to 3rd at multiple venues across the city. Over the years, the festival has evolved from a musical event into a symbol of unity, bringing people together through a mutual and transcendent appreciation for music. 

This year’s festival will be joined by many bands, including SSKRU Jazz Band, Joshua Lebofsky Trio feat. Dale Barlow, Coffee Break, Dale Barlow Quartet, Area 13 Project, Sunny Trio feat. Julian Cary, and Paparesto. 

In addition, the focus in 2023 is on integrating diverse music styles from around the world to cultivate understanding and respect among different cultures. The festival will also provide a fresh platform for local musicians to exhibit their creativity, share their cultural heritage, and engage with the Chiang Mai community.

CMDW2022 venues and locations

For more information about the event, visit CMDW2023’s official website, Facebook Page, or Instagram.

About Chiang Mai Design Week

Creative district in Chiang Mai, Thailand

In 2017, Chiang Mai was selected for membership in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network – Crafts and Folk Art. In line with the Creative City initiative, Chiang Mai Design Week activities encompass the Rose of the North’s cultural and artisan roots.

CMDW is an annual festival jointly organized by creators from different industries, established and upcoming designers, craftspeople, artists, and entrepreneurs in Chiang Mai to present new design innovations and projects that cater to the needs of modern living. The festival also provides a conversation space where people can get together and share design knowledge as local and international designers and creators are invited to celebrate the creative culture and the potential of design.

The event will help to build collaboration networks and expand local and international business opportunities, which lead to better working environments for creators and entrepreneurs in creative industries.