Isan Creative Festival 2023

Khon Kaen, Thailand
01 April 2023




Isan Creative Festival 2023

The Isan Creative Festival 2023 is being held from April 1st to 9th from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. under the theme of “Regional (enlight) sation,” showcasing the creativity of the Isan region or Northeast Thailand.

The Thailand Creative and Design Center (TCDC) in Khon Kaen province is organizing the week-long event at the following venues: Kangsadan district, Khon Kaen Bus Terminal, Treasury Museum, and many more!

ISANCF2023 highlights

A bus with the Isan Creative Festival 2022 banner in front of an Isan Creative Festival venue
Source: Isan Creative Festival Facebook Page

The festival aims to spread joy, build on local skills and knowledge, and use creativity to connect the region’s cultural capital with its natural resources. Its showcases, exhibitions, talks, workshops, entertainment programs, and D-KAK Market are conceived under four key concepts: entertainment, gastronomy, craft & design, and creative district project.

  • Entertainment 

This year, entertainment and music programs at the Isan Creative Festival feature Molam, the folk music of the Isan region, supporting the local genre in the development of the region’s creative economy.

  • Gastronomy

Rice farming dominates Isan agriculture. Therefore, Isan Creative Festival 2023 aims to explore new techniques and ways to consume Isan rice, creating new gastronomic opportunities. This includes ways to preserve food that create complex and diverse flavors.

  • Craft & Design 

This year, craft & design activities focus on ways to enhance the value of local textiles, especially in the natural dyeing process. This Thai artisanal wisdom has been passed down from generation to generation and is being revived to create new commercial opportunities for local communities.

  • Creative District 

The Creative District Project highlights the relationship between the place and its people, experimenting with local development projects in the creative districts of Srichan and Kangsadan, such as the air-conditioned bus station.

About Isan Creative Festival

Isan Creative Festival 2023 banner
Source: Isan Creative Festival Facebook Page

The Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization) or CEA has organized Isan Creative Festival in collaboration with creative entrepreneurs, creator networks, as well as the public, private, and civil sectors of the Isan region. This year’s Isan Creative Festival is the fourth edition of the event series. 

Through a series of exhibitions and showcases, the festival highlights three of the region’s most notable creative industries: entertainment, food, and crafts. Learn more about the event at the Isan Creative Festival official website.