Robusta “Yala Coffee”: A unique taste from Yala

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Robusta “Yala Coffee” has a unique flavor and is truly original to Yala. Yala people are fortunate to have several agencies that support Robusta plantations, which have been popular among Yala farmers for a long period of time. “Khirikhet Coffee” working group invited Mr. Sanong Jarintorn, Director of the Horticulture Research Institute, to taste Yala coffee, in order to certify its taste and quality, which is considered among the best in Thailand.

Robusta coffee plant used to make Yala Coffee.
Robusta "Yala Coffee" bean.

The coffee project supported farmers in Benang Setar, Than To, and Betong Districts of Yala Province by distributing 100,000 Robusta saplings to farmers. In addition, the Agricultural Research Centre of Yala sets up a Robusta coffee demonstration plot and brought the harvested coffee beans to be tested by coffee experts. The test guaranteed the good taste of Yala coffee, which is also distinctive from coffee grown in other parts of Thailand. This success led the Fourth Army, Yala Municipality, and the Southern Agriculture Yala Company to request 200,000 saplings from the Department of Agriculture and Mae Fah Luang Agricultural Centre to distribute to farmers who are interested to grow coffee in their rubber and fruit plantations.  

Coffee beans roasting in a commercial roaster.

Mr. Sanong Jarintorn informed that after roasting coffee for the “Cup Test,” he found that the coffee is balanced in form and taste, and confirmed that the coffee has no contamination. The results of the coffee test show that Robusta coffee of Yala is uniquely sweet and that the richness of the coffee is higher than other coffee tested in the same round. If there is improved quality control on farmers’ plantations, and if the harvesting and blending process of Robusta coffee is combined with other coffee, then one can expect that the end result will have value-added and increase the price of the coffee in the future. Moreover, the Agricultural Research Centre and Department of Agriculture are prepared to provide academic support and knowledge to farmers through the Yala Agricultural Research Institute in Than To District, Yala.

A cup of coffee on the table with coffee beans scattered around it.

Mr. Suporn Duangdee, member of the working group for “Khirikhet Coffee”, informed that the coffee project supports coffee cultivation by purchasing coffee beans from farmers, and establishing coffee factories and coffee shops as points of distribution. The working groups are prepared to guarantee the purchased products from farmers. In addition, projects have been initiated and factories have been established for the purchase of coffee beans in Yala Province. As a result, Yala will have its own coffee brands, made from its own products under the name “Khirikhet Coffee,” which is ready to serve coffee lovers all over the country.

Source : Thailand Today


Apisara Lawariya

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