7 Signs that show you’ve turned Thai

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After living in Thailand for some time, you might notice that things seem pretty different to you now, compared to the days when you first arrived in the land of smiles. The initial culture shock over local myths, traditions, and superstitions might become more or less normal to you now. Here are some signs that you’ve probably been “Siamised” or turned into a Thai in spirit:

You prefer to take a motorcycle taxi instead of walking short distances

Thais take a motorcycle taxi even if they are only going just a few hundred metres. You were surprised at first but after staying in Thailand for a long time, you’ve started adopting the same habit. After all, Thailand’s weather can make just standing in a queue waiting for your Somtum (papaya salad) at your favourite street vendor, a total work out on its own. 

A woman paying for motorcycle taxi fee
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You feel totally at ease with a toilet roll on the table, and don’t hesitate to wipe your mouth and face with it

Remember how shocked you were when you saw toilet paper on dining tables? Those were the days. Now, you have no objection. Like your Thai counterparts, you know it can be used to wipe everything and its association with the bathroom is nothing to worry about. 

Thai style weave sedge, handmade tissue paper box
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You put seasonings like vinegar in your noodles

You used to be puzzled about what sugar, vinegar and chilli were doing on the table when you dined at a noodle shop. But now you don’t enjoy the food without them. Once you start putting vinegar and sugar in your noodles, there is no going back. Yum.

Red chilli in vinegar
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You put chili powder on your pizza

Of course, you know not all Thai dishes are spicy and you will point that out if someone says otherwise. But when it comes to some western dishes, you have no problem spicing them up, no matter the look on the faces of your non-Thai friends. To you, one of pizza’s seasonings is chilli and it’s a must! Even glares from your Italian friends won’t deter you from your chilli ventures.

Take off you shoes before entering a house or any building

When you enter any house, the first thing you do so naturally and with ease is to take off your shoes and walk barefoot. Ahh… so relaxing.

Shoes next to a clean mat near the door entrance
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Your appreciation for slushy beer goes beyond words 

You don’t care what master brewers say, but in your view, slushy beer is the best beer ever invented in the world. And you can enjoy this beer every where in Thailand, but no where else in the world.

You plan the next meal virtually immediately after finishing a meal

The food scene in Thailand is simply too exciting to resist, and immediately after you order something delectable online, another delicious image of the next mouth-watering meal pops up on your screen, even with a full belly you’ll unconsciously look through the menu once again.

Street food in China town, Bangkok, Thailand
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Patcharee Luenguthai

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